IPR and Licensing Engineer

Darmstadt, Germany
Darmstadt, Germany
2017-07-22 13:59:44

Job Description

The following main tasks shall be accomplished by the engineer according to applicable standards and guidelines:
• Software analysis completion
- Provision of software to be assessed on Blackduck server from different customers
- Setup of Blackduck to ensure source code screening or delta analysis as required
- Complement, update and finalise SWLQ for signature with stakeholders
- Ensure data consolidation by provision of applicable license texts and contracts
- COTS list Management
- Support the customer to populate the list of COTS
- Consolidation of the COTS list to enable analysis by the technical service provider
• Sharepoint Management
- Organise technical/legal support deliverables into Sharepoint
- Archiving in Sharepoint of signed SWLQ
- Maintain Sharepoint project up to date
- Ensure actions tracking and completion (JIRA/Sharepoint)
- Ensure reports understanding, clarifications, actions resolution between customer and technical/legal service providers
- Complete required data and metadata related to subject software
• Technical support to procurements to the E2E GSRF IPR and security services.


The candidate requires specific knowledge of IPR analysis and licensing issues, together with software developer experience. Mainly:
• Software engineering background experience
• Technical Project Management experience
• Analysis and selection OSS including licensing scope for potential use in different projects
• Analysis and selection of COTS if no OSS meet the requirements
• Code audit, analysis of functionality and licensing review of SW in compliance with requirements
• Agreements with different stakeholders to establish licensing scopes related to third party products integration
• Knowledge of IP rules in International Organisation and related IPR management in SW development

High level programming languages, IDEs, modern databases, state of the art of security and communication technologies knowledge. For further details, see Service Provision Requirement.